Several WWE Superstars Look Back at the 9/11 Tragedy

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WWE’s website has a new article up with Superstars looking back at the 9/11 tragedy 10 years ago. Here are a few of the responses:

Booker T: “Of course it was a trying time after the towers went down. It was a somber moment for the United States. SmackDown was actually canceled or postponed, and then the big decision was made to go on, and I think it was one of the best decisions WWE ever made. It gave not just us performers a chance to escape for a minute but also the fans. It was all about the U.S. that night. It let everybody know that we’re going to go on, America is still going to be strong, no matter what.”

Sheamus: “I remember it was around two in the afternoon in Ireland. I was working for an American company at the time. We all went into a big conference room and watched the TV in shock and horror as we saw the first building on fire and watched live as the second plane struck. I can’t really describe the feeling – one of shock and fear. You’ve got to try and do whatever you can to help people get over a tragedy like that, take their minds off it. If we [Superstars] can help people take their minds off it for a couple of hours, that’s a responsibility we have.”

Brooklyn Brawler: “9/11 hit very close to home for me because a lot of my friends had friends who were killed on 9/11. Having the show on just after 9/11 showed [the terrorists] that they could knock us down, but we’re going to get up again. All I can say is, [the terrorists] didn’t accomplish what they wanted to accomplish. We’re still free.”

Michael “PS” Hayes: “Did we have concerns and apprehensions [on the post-9/11 SmackDown]? Yes, but by God, we were so mad, so angry, we were gonna get back to business. While everybody was nervous backstage, hoping nothing catastrophic would happen, the feeling of unity and patriotism was overwhelming. I just remember how proud everyone was to be a part of this show, starting with the boss, Vince McMahon. It was time to give America back to America.”

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