WWE Superstars Send Last Minute Thoughts On WrestleMania 27

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As you all know, tonight World Wrestling Entertainment presents their 27th annual WrestleMania event live from Atlanta, Georgia. Many WWE Superstars (whether they are participating in the event or not) have shared their last minute thoughts on the big event on the social media account Twitter today. Below are just a few of the latest tweets:

Curt Hawkins: “Excited to get to the GA Dome & see the Mania set… Still got 1 more signing at Axxess at 2:30. Gonna debut my fresh white gear tonight too”

Jim Ross: “Had a great talk w/ the Rock mins ago @ Ga Dome. His eyes say he is game ready & has retribution on his mind. Dome looks awesome. Buy PPV.”

Kevin Nash: “How magical last night was to watch Shawn get inducted in the Hall of Fame. Felt very special for him to include me in it.”

Trish Stratus: “I will deliver Stratusfaction w/ a victory over @heelziggler & Laycool! @excusemewwe I got my eye on u-still cougar hunting! ~T”

Bret Hart: “It’s WMania & I’m wishing that I’d gone down this year just 2 see ATL embrace the greatest show of ’em all. Good luck to all. Will b watchin”

Kofi Kingston: “Oh. Snap. Business just picked up, son! I will join Kane, Show and Santino tonight at Wrestlemania! Corre, y’all done messed up now…”

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2 Responses to “WWE Superstars Send Last Minute Thoughts On WrestleMania 27”

  1. RGT says:

    Cant WAIT!!

  2. Slim Glim says:

    To be quite honest that had to be the worst Wresttlemania i have watched in ages. The Rock did nothing, Christian didnt become heel, 3 mins 8 man tag match, King vs Cole was a disaster and who can 4get the main event, What a joke of a wrestlemania! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThZ9mQLwcfs

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