WWE Survivor Series Results 2011: The Big Show vs Mark Henry

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WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Big Show is out first followed by the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry. We get formal ring introductions before they lock up. Show shoves Henry right to the mat. Henry gets shoved down again. Big Show tries to get on top of him but Henry goes to the floor. Henry stalls and they lock up again. Show goes behind and slams Henry on his face. Henry charges and Show arm drags him out of the ring. Henry comes back in but goes to the corner. Show attacks and the referee tells him to back off. Henry continues to stall in the corner while Show waits to fight. The crowd boos as Henry continues to stall. Show attacks Henry with body blows. They run the ropes and Henry takes Show’s knee out. Henry locks a scissors on Show’s leg now.

The crowd starts a big “boring” chant. Show turns things around and drops Henry for a 2 count. Show comes back and clotheslines Henry and then splashes him in the corner. Show knocks Henry down again with a shoulder and calls for the chokeslam. Henry blocks the chokeslam and hits a World’s Strongest Slam on Show but he kicks out at 2. Henry drops a big splash on Show for another 2 count. Henry bounces off the rope and drops a big elbow drop but Show kicks out again.

This time an “Undertaker” chant breaks out. They take the fight to the floor and Henry rams Show into the ring post. Henry runs and tackles Show through the fan barrier as the crowd chants “holy shit.” Henry comes back in the ring as the referee begins to count Show out. Show makes it back in at 9 and Henry puts the boots to him. Henry looks to be going for another superplex but Show fights him off. Show comes back in and superkicks Henry to the mat. Show climbs to the top rope, although it takes him a minute. Show barely stands on the top rope and delivers a huge elbow drop to Henry across the ring. Show covers but Henry kicks out at 2.

A “Randy Savage” chant breaks out after Show’s big elbow. Show goes for the WMD punch but Henry dodges it. Henry kicks Show below the belt and is disqualified, retaining the World Heavyweight Title.

Winner by DQ: Big Show

– After the match, Henry goes to the floor and brings a chair in the ring to attack Show with. Henry puts the chair around Show’s leg and goes to splash it but Show is able to move. Show gets up and knocks Henry down with the WMD. The crowd chants for Daniel Bryan now. Show grabs the chair this time and puts it around Henry’s ankle. Show hits a big leg drop on Henry’s leg and the chair. Henry tosses in pain as officials come down to check on him. Show makes his exit to cheers from the crowd as we go to replays. Officials tend to Henry who is still in pain.

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