WWE Survivor Series Results 2011: Team Orton vs Team Barrett

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Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match – Team Orton vs. Team Barrett

We go to the ring and out comes Jack Swagger, Hunico, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler. Out next comes Sheamus, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, Mason Ryan and Randy Orton to a big pop. Kofi and Ziggler start things out. They go back and forth. Ziggler keeps in control until Orton tags in. Orton hits a RKO on Ziggler and eliminates him. Ziggler is eliminated. Team Barrett huddles at ringside but Orton breaks it up. The teams brawl. Cara and Kofi lap out of the ring and take out Swagger and Hunico. Cara looks hurt as Hunico kicks him. The two teams have words again. Sin Cara is injured and is eliminated. We’re still stalling here as officials tend to Cara. Cody and Orton start the match back up. Orton tags in Ryan and he continues the assault on Cody.

Ryan sends Cody out to the floor to regroup. Cody tags in Hunico. Ryan overpowers Hunico and tags in Kofi. The match has had trouble getting some momentum going. Hunico counters Kofi and drops him on his face in the corner. 2 count for Hunico. More back and forth and Ryan ends up in there with Hunico. Ryan locks on the full nelson but Cody comes in and breaks it with a kick. Cody hits CrossRhodes on Ryan and eliminates him. Team Barrett now has the advantage, 4 to 3.

Sheamus comes in and goes at it with Cody. Sheamus hits him with chops to the chest and a suplex. Sheamus ends up on the apron and knocks Barrett off. Cody knocks Sheamus to the floor. Barrett takes advantage and clotheslines Sheamus on the floor, then rams him back in the apron. Barrett brings Sheamus in and mounts him with right hands. Barrett stomps away on Sheamus. Hunico comes in over the top rope with a dropkick as Barrett holds Sheamus. Hunico works over Sheamus. Barrett and Kofi come back in. Kofi dropkicks Barrett and continues the offense. Kofi hits the Boom Drop on Barrett. Kofi rolls Barrett up for 2. More back and forth. Barrett hits the Wasteland on Kofi is eliminated.

Orton comes in and goes at it with Barrett. Hunico gets the tag and dives through the ropes to Orton on the floor, taking him out. Hunico brings Oton in for a 2 count and tags Swagger in. Swagger works Orton over on the mat before tagging Rhodes back in. Rhodes with more of the same and a pin attempt on Orton. Orton finally tags and in comes Sheamus to beat down Swagger. Sheamus comes off the top rope with a shoulder and then sends Hunico to the floor. Sheamus with the Irish Curse on Swagger. Sheamus knocks Cody off the apron and he’s on a roll. Sheamus with the Celtic Cross on Swagger but he slides out. Barrett comes in and hits Sheamus but gets sent right back to the floor. Sheamus goes back to work on Swagger dropping knees to the head. Sheamus won’t stop dropping knees so he gets disqualified. Sheamus is eliminated and argues with the referee.

It’s down to Barrett, Swagger, Rhodes and Hunico with Orton by himself. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on Swagger before leaving the ring. Orton comes in, pins Swagger and eliminates him. Hunico, Barrett and Rhodes corner Orton. Rhodes attacks while the referee backs the others off. Rhodes stomps away on Orton in the corner. Cody goes back with more stomps, and more, as the referee has to pull him off. Cody mocks Orton. Orton comes back with clotheslines and a big slam. Orton takes Cody to the second rope and hits the draping DDT. Barrett gets on the apron and distracts Orton. Hunico springboards into the ring but Orton turns around and RKO’s him in mid-air. Hunico is eliminated.

Barrett charges but Orton catches him with a backbreaker. Orton hits an RKO on Rhodes. Barrett grabs Orton and hits Wasteland for the pin and the win.

Sole Survivors: Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes

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