WWE World Heavyweight Championship History & Current Champion

Last updated: 01/09/13
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Alberto Del Rio1/8/2013Miami, FLWWE SmackDown!--
The Big Show (2)10/28/2012Atlanta, GAHell in a Cell--
Sheamus4/1/2012Miami, FLWrestleMania 28• Sheamus started his first World Heavyweight Championship reign after hitting Bryan in the face with a Brogue Kick just after 19 seconds after the bell rang in the opening match of the PPV.
Daniel Bryan12/18/2011Baltimore, MDTLC• After the Big Show/Mark Henry match, Henry attacked Show with a chair and dropped him with a DDT on the chair.
• Money in the Bank winner Daniel Bryan then came out to the ring, cashed in his briefcase and won his first World Title.
The Big Show (1)12/18/2011Baltimore, MDTLC• This match was contested in a Chairs Match
Mark Henry9/18/2011Buffalo, NYNight of Champions--
Randy Orton (3)8/14/2011Los Angeles, CASummerSlam--
Christian (2)7/17/2011Chicago, ILMoney in the Bank• As per the stipulations of the match, Christian was awarded the title via disqualifications when Orton kicked him in the groin after Christian spat in Orton's face.
Randy Orton (2)5/3/2011Orlando, FLWWE SmackDown!--
Christian (1)5/1/2011Tampa, FLExtreme Rules• Christian won his first World Title against Alberto Del Rio in a Ladder Match for the vacant title. Edge interfered in the match, driving in the arena with a vehicle, distracting him as he was about to win the match.
VACATED4/4/2011Atlanta, GeorgiaWWE RAW• Just eight days after WrestleMania, Edge announces that he is forced to retire due to a neck injury.
Edge (7)2/15/11San Diego, CAWWE SmackDown!• Teddy Long would return to the company, saying that Vickie likely is the one that attacked him, not Edge. Then re-hired Edge and set up an impromptu match-up against Ziggler, which Edge won.
Dolph Ziggler2/15/11San Diego, CAWWE SmackDown!• Vickie Guerreo awarded the title to Ziggler, announcing he won the title during last week's match against Edge because Edge ignored stipulations in the match that said if he used the spear, Ziggler would win the title.
VACATED2/15/11San Diego, CAWWE SmackDown!• Edge was stripped of the title by Vickie Guerrero after he used a spear against Dolph Ziggler after she ruled the finisher band the previous week. Vickie then fired Edge, claiming he attacked SmackDown! GM Teddy Long.
Edge (6)12/19/2010Houston, TXTLC• Edge defeated Kane, Rey Mysterio, and Alberto Del Rio in a Fatal Four Way TLC Match.
Kane7/18/2010Kansas City, MOMoney in the Bank• On the same night that Kane won the Money in the Bank briefcase, he cashed it in on Mysterio after his match with Jack Swagger.
Rey Mysterio (2)6/20/2010Long Island, NYFatal 4 Way• Mysterio defeated Swagger, The Big Show, and CM Punk in a No DQ, No Count-Out Fatal Four Way Match.
Jack Swagger3/30/2010Las Vegas, NVWWE SmackDown!• Swagger defeated Jericho in a 10-second match after cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase after Jericho was attacked by Edge.
Chris Jericho (3)2/21/2010St. Louis, MOElimination Chamber• Jericho won the title in an Elimination Chamber Match by defeating The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, John Morrison, and CM Punk.
• Jericho won the match after Shawn Michaels appeared from underneath the steel grating and superkicked Undertaker, costing him the World Title.
The Undertaker (3)10/4/2009Newark, NJHell in a Cell• The Undertaker defeated Punk in a Hell in a Cell bout.
CM Punk (3)8/23/2009Los Angeles, CASummerSlam• CM Punk regained the title by defeating Hardy in a TLC Match.
Jeff Hardy (2)7/26/2009Philadelphia, PANight of Champions--
CM Punk (2)6/7/2009New Orleans, LAExtreme Rules• CM Punk once again cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase in an impromptu match to win the title again in the same fashion one-year later.
Jeff Hardy6/7/2009New Orleans, LAExtreme Rules• Hardy won his first World Title by defeating Edge in a Ladder Match
Edge (5)4/26/2009Providence, RIBacklash• Edge regained the title by defeating Cena in a Last Man Standing Match after The Big Show interfered in the match and threw Cena into a spotlight on the stage, causing an explosion.
John Cena (2)4/5/2009Houston, TXWrestleMania 25• Cena defeated both Edge and Big Show in a Triple Threat Match.
Edge (4)2/15/2009Seattle, WANo Way Out• Edge won a World Championship Elimination Chamber Match after eliminating Kofi Kingston from the match by attacking him from behind as he made his way to the ring and hitting him with a con-chair-two.
• Other participants in the match included John Cena, Kane, Mike Knox, Rey Mysterio, and Chris Jericho.
John Cena (1)11/23/2008Boston, MASurvivor Series • John Cena won his first World Title in his hometown.
Chris Jericho (2)11/3/2008Tampa, FLWWE RAW• This match was contested in a Steel Cage.
Batista (4)10/26/2008Phoenix, AZCyber Sunday• Steve Austin served as the special guest referee, as per the vote of the WWE fans.
Chris Jericho (1)9/7/2008Cleveland, OHUnforgiven• Chris Jericho replaced CM Punk in the match after Punk was attacked backstage earlier in the night by Randy Orton.
• The World Title was contested in a non-elimination Championship Scramble Match where Jericho pinned Kane and remained the champion until the 20-minute time limit came to an end.
CM Punk6/30/2008Oklahoma City, OKWWE RAW• CM Punk won the World Title in an 11-second impromptu match by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase after Edge was attacked by Batista.
Edge (3)6/1/2008San Diego, CAOne Night Stand• This match was contested in a TLC Match for the vacant World Title.
• Stipulations for this match stated that Undertaker would be banned from WWE if he lost the match.
VACATED5/2/2008San Diego, CAOne Night Stand• Vickie Guerrero, who was in a relationship with Edge, stripped Undertaker of the title due to using a banned chokehold (the later-named Hell's Gate) in a match with Edge.
The Undertaker (2)3/30/2008Orlando, FLWrestleMania 24--
Edge (2)12/16/2007Pittsburgh, PAArmageddon• Edge defeated both Batista and The Undertaker in a Triple Threat No DQ Match to win the title.
Batista (3)9/16/2007Memphis, TNUnforgiven• Batista defeated both The Great Khali and Rey Mysterio in a Triple Threat Match to win the title by pinning Khali.
The Great Khali7/17/2007Laredo, TXWWE SmackDown!• The Great Khali won the vacate World Title in a 20-man Battle Royal Match.
VACATED7/17/2007Laredo, TXWWE SmackDown!• Edge was forced to vacate the title due to a torn pectoral injury.
Edge (1)5/8/2007Pittsburgh, PAWWE SmackDown!• Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase against the Undertaker after he competed in a Steel Cage Match with Batista just minutes before.
The Undertaker (1)4/1/2007Detroit, MIWrestleMania 23--
Batista (2)11/26/2006Philadelphia, PASurvivor Series• As per the stipulations of the match, this was Batista's last shot at the World Title. In addition, if Booker T got himself counted-out or disqualified, Batista would win the title.
Booker T7/23/2006Indianapolis, INGreat American Bash--
Rey Mysterio (1)4/2/2006Chicago, ILWrestleMania 22• Mysterio defeated Kurt Angle and Randy Orton in a triple threat match by pinning Orton.
Kurt Angle1/10/2006Philadelphia, PAWWE SmackDown!• The title was put on the line on the same night it was vacated and decided in a Battle Royal.
VACATED1/10/2006Philadelphia, PAWWE SmackDown!• The title was vacated after Batista suffered a biceps injury in a match against Mark Henry.
Batista (1)4/3/2005Los Angeles, CAWrestleMania 21• On June 27, Batista was drafted to the SmackDown! brand and took the World Title with him
Triple H (5)1/9/2005San Juan, Puerto RicoNew Year's Revolution• The Elimination Chamber Match featured Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Edge, and Batista.
VACATED12/6/2004Charlotte, NCWWE RAW• After a controversial triple threat match featuring Chris Benoit, Edge, and Triple H on Nov. 29 where Edge tapped out to Benoit's Crippler Crossface at the same time Edge had Benoit pinned for a three-count, an Elimination Chamber Match was booked for the New Year's Revolution PPV.
Triple H (4)9/12/2004Portland, ORUnforgiven--
Randy Orton (1)8/15/2004Toronto, Ontario, CanadaSummerSlam--
Chris Benoit3/14/2004New York City, NYWrestleMania XX• Benoit won his first World Championship by defeating Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat Match.
• After the match, Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, the WWE Champion who had retained the title earlier in the night, both celebrated in the ring.
Triple H (3)12/14/2003Orlando, FLArmageddon• Triple H defeated Goldberg and Kane in a Triple Threat Match.
Bill Goldberg9/21/2003Hershey, PAUnforgiven• After a series of matches before the Unforgiven PPV, stipulations for this match called for Goldberg to win the title if HHH was disqualified or counted-out. If Goldberg lost the match, he would have left WWE.
Triple H (2)12/15/2002Ft. Lauderdale, FLArmageddon• Triple H regained the title by defeated Shawn Michaels in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match.
• The first fall was a Hardcore Mach; the second fall was a Steel Cage Match; and the third was a Ladder Match.
Shawn Michaels11/17/2002New York City, NYSurvivor Series• Shawn Michaels won the World Title in the inaugural six-man Elimination Chamber Match against Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, and Kane. HBK pinned HHH to win the title.
Triple H (1)9/2/2002Milwaukee, WIWWE RAW• Triple H was awarded the former WCW World Title belt by RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff as his answer for Brock Lesnar taking the Undisputed Championship to the SmackDown! brand.