WWE Tag Team Championship History & Current Champions

Last updated: 07/08/12
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Carlito & Primo Colon9/21/2008Columbus, OHWWE SmackDown!• The SmackDown! Tag Team Titles would later get unified at WrestleMania 25 with the RAW World Tag Team Titles the following year to become the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles.
Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder7/20/2008Long Island, NYThe Great American Bash• This match took place in a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match featuring the champions, Hawkins & Ryder, Jesse & Festus, and Finlay & Hornswoggle.
John Morrison (4) & The Miz11/13/2007Wichita, KSWWE SmackDown!--
Matt Hardy & MVP8/28/2007Albany, NYWWE SmackDown!--
Duece & Domino (1)4/17/2007Milan, ItalyWWE SmackDown!--
Brian Kendrick & Paul London (2)5/20/2006Phoenix, AZJudgment Day--
Johnny Nitro (3) & Joey Mercury (3)12/27/2005Uncasville, CTWWE SmackDown!• Mark Henry returned for the first time in nearly two years in this match to interfere in the match and attacking Batista.
Batista & Rey Mysterio (4)12/13/2005Springfield, MAWWE SmackDown!--
Johnny Nitro (2) & Joey Mercury (2)10/25/2005San Francisco, CAWWE SmackDown!• This match was contested in a Fatal Four Way Match featuring the champions, Nitro & Mercury, William Regal & Paul Birchill, and Super Crazy & Psychosis.
John Hedenrich & Road Warrior Animal7/24/2005Buffalo, NYThe Great American Bash--
Johnny Nitro (1) & Joey Mercury (1) (MNM)4/18/2005New York City, NYWWE SmackDown!--
Eddie Guerrero (4) & Rey Mysterio (3)2/20/2005Pittsburgh, PANo Way Out--
Doug Basham (2) & Danny Basham (2)1/11/2005Tampa, FLWWE SmackDown!• This match was contested in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Team Match.
• Participants included the champion, the Basham Brothers, Eddie Guerrero & Booker T, and Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns.
Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio (2)12/7/2004Greenville, SCWWE SmackDown!--
Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki9/7/2004Tulsa, OKWWE SmackDown!--
Billy Kidman & Paul London (1)7/6/2004Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaWWE SmackDown!--
The Dudley Boyz6/15/2004Chicago, ILWWE SmackDown!--
Charlie Haas (3) & Rico4/20/2004Kelowna, British ColumbiaWWE SmackDown!• Rico was Haas' mystery partner.
Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty2/3/2004Cleveland, OHWWE SmackDown!--
Doug Basham (2) & Danny Basham (2)10/21/2003Albany, NYWWE SmackDown!--
Eddie Guerrero (3) & Chavo Guerrero (2)9/16/2003Raleigh, NCWWE SmackDown!--
Shelton Benjamin (2) & Charlie Haas (2)7/1/2003Rochester, NYWWE SmackDown!--
Eddie Guerrero (2) & Tajiri5/18/2003Charlotte, NCJudgment Day• This match was contested in a Ladder Match.
Shelton Benjamin (1) & Charlie Haas (2)2/4/2003Philadelphia, PAWWE SmackDown!--
Eddie Guerrero (1) & Chavo Guerrero11/17/2002New York City, NYSurvivor Series• This match was contested in a Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match featuring the champions, Eddie & Chavo Guerrero, and Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit.
Edge & Rey Mysterio (1)11/5/2002Manchester, NHWWE SmackDown!• This match was contested in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match with the challengers winning falls #1 and 3 and the champions winning fall #2.
Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit10/1/2002Little Rock, ARNo Mercy• SmackDown! General Manager Stephanie McMahon introduced the SmackDown! version of the tag titles as her answer to RAW having the World Tag Team Titles.
• The champions were determined in an 8-team tournament leading up to the No Mercy PPV.
• The final tourney match featured Benoit & Angle vs Edge & Rey Mysterio