WWE TLC Results: Del Rio/The Miz, Booker T vs Cody Rhodes

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Alberto Del Rio is backstage yelling at Ricardo Rodriguez for not having his car ready for tonight. Del Rio tells Ricardo to go get him some food. The Miz walks up and talks about their alliance being over when the bell rings. Del Rio says there was never an alliance, he was just using Miz.

Miz rips on Del Rio’s title reign and the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl run. Del Rio runs down Miz and calls him weak, pathetic. Ricardo comes back with food for Del Rio. Miz shoves it in Ricardo’s face and walks off. Del Rio shoves Ricardo to the floor and walks off.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes

We go to the ring and out comes Booker T for the next match. Cody Rhodes runs down from behind and attacks Booker on the way to the ring. Cody beats up Booker again until officials make the save. A doctor tells Booker he has to go to the back to be checked out again.