WWE TLC Results: Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix

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WWE Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

We go to the ring and out comes Divas Champion Beth Phoenix followed by her opponent Kelly Kelly. Apparently Kelly got this match for winning the Divas Slammy. They have words to start the match. Beth misses a slap and Kelly slaps her. Beth ends up outside on the floor. Kelly leaps from the apron and slams Beth’s face into the floor.

Kelly applies a submission on the ropes and keeps on with the offense. Beth turns things around in the corner and slams Kelly to the mat. Beth unloads with stomps, punches and elbows to the back. Beth with a 2 count. Beth stands on Kelly and the bottom rope now. Beth slams Kelly on the back of her head and puts her in a submission. Beth continues but Kelly counters with a bulldog. Kelly goes crazy on Beth and climbs to the second rope. Beth catches her in mid-air and slams for a 2 count. Beth with another 2 count and a third pin attempt.

Beth with more right hands before climbing to the top rope. Beth misses a big leg drop as Kelly rolls out of the way. Beth counters Kelly’s leg drop and goes for the Glam Slam. Kelly blocks it with a roll up for 2. Beth with another roll up. Beth catches Kelly on her shoulders and slams her face first with a version of the Electric Chair. Beth crawls over and covers for the win.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

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