WWE TLC Results: Kevin Nash vs Triple H

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We get a video package looking at the history between Triple H and Kevin Nash leading up to their ladder match coming up next where a sledgehammer will be hanging atop the ring. The person wins the match after they climb the ladder, grab the sledgehammer, and use it on your opponent.

Sledgehammer Ladder Match: Kevin Nash vs. Triple H

We see the sledgehammer hanging above the ring and ladders set up around the ring. Kevin Nash makes his way out first followed by Triple H to a big pop. The bell rings and Nash strikes first with a knee. Nash works over Triple H until he turns it around in the corner with a bunch of right hands. Nash with another knee and he takes Triple H to the corner.

Nash with elbows to the face before running into a kick. Triple H with more rights in the corner. Nash turns it around in the corner again and hits more knees to the gut. Nash beats Triple H to the mat and clubs him over the back again. Nash comes back with thrusts to the gut. Triple H runs the ropes and knocks Nash out to the floor.

Triple H slams Nash into the announcers table and goes for a ladder. Nash cuts him off. Nash grabs a ladder and rams Triple H in the head with it, sending him over the fan barrier. Nash brings the ladder in the ring. Triple H comes in on top of the announcers table and leaps off with a clothesline, taking Nash out on the floor. Triple H with a flurry of right hands. Triple H knocks a ladder over and sends Nash over the fan barrier with a right hand. Triple H charges but runs into a big elbow from Nash. Nash comes back over the fan barrier and drops Triple H on top of it. Triple H counters and sends Nash into the ring post. Triple H kicks out Nash’s leg now and rolls him into the ring. Triple H brings a ladder in and now we have 2 in the ring.

Triple H uses the ladder on Nash’s leg repeatedly. Triple H sets Nash’s leg between the ladder legs and stomps away. Now he puts Nash’s leg through the rungs and locks him in a Figure Four while his leg is stuck in the ladder. Triple H breaks it and sets up a ladder in the corner. Triple H continues the assault on the leg. Nash comes back and whips Triple H hard into the corner where the ladder is.

Triple H lands out on the floor and Nash falls back to the mat. Nash slides a ladder out of the ring and hits Triple H in the head with it. Nash lays the ladder in the corner on the second rope. Nash works Triple H over on the apron before bringing it back in the ring. Nash hits a big sideslam on top of the ladder. Nash has the ladder on top of the bottom rope in the corner and lays Triple H under it. Nash catapults Triple H up into the bottom of the ladder. Nash rolls Triple H out to the floor and follows.

Nash takes apart the announcer’s table after dropping Triple H again. Nash goes to Jackknife powerbomb Triple H through it but Triple H counters and backdrops him over the table. Triple H comes back in the ring and sets up a ladder under the sledgehammer. Triple H climbs up but Nash stops him and pulls him down. Nash with a big right hand and Triple H goes down to the mat. Nash sets the ladder up in the corner again. Nash whips Triple H into the ladder and then chokeslams him.

Nash brings a table out from under the ring and slides it in. Nash sets the table up and takes his straps down. Nash goes to powerbomb Triple H through the table but Triple H rams him back into the corner where the ladder is. Triple H knocks Nash to the floor with the ladder and sets it up to climb for the sledgehammer. Nash climbs the other side of the ladder as Triple H touches the sledgehammer but can’t unhook it. They trade shots on top of the ladder. Triple H uses the hanging sledgehammer to knock Nash off the ladder and through the table.

Triple H unhooks the sledgehammer and brings it down as Nash barely is able to get up and lean into the ropes. Triple H takes out Nash’s leg with the sledgehammer and unloads with it. Triple H throws the sledgehammer away and goes for the Pedigree. Nash’s leg goes out and he falls. Triple H grabs him again and connects with the Pedigree. The crowd wants one more Pedigree but Triple H grabs the sledgehammer. Nash sits on his knees and throws the Kliq sign up. Triple H responds with a crotch chop and a sledgehammer shot for the pin and the win in a great match, all things considered.

Winner: Triple H

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