WWE TLC Results: Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

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Tables Match: Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

Tables are lined up down to the ring and around the ring as Randy Orton makes his way out first. His opponent Wade Barret is out next. Orton strikes first with a kick and they trade right hands. Orton ducks a clothesline and connects with a backbreaker. Orton stomps on Barrett and goes outside to the floor to get a table. Barrett gets up and kicks the table into Orton’s face.

Barrett comes out to the floor and slams Orton into the apron before working him over. Barrett brings it back into the ring and grabs a table, also bringing it onto the apron. Orton kicks it back into Barrett and causes it to hit him in the nose. Orton comes back out to the floor and slams Barrett into the steel steps. Barrett is busted open now.

Orton beats Barrett up to the stage area where several tables are. Barrett takes control and goes to slam Orton through the table but Orton counters. They fight back toward the ring and Orton looks to suplex Orton through a table from the apron. Barrett fights off and slams Orton into the ring post and then the steps. Barrett runs over Orton with a big boot and he goes down on the floor. Barrett sets up a table on the floor and goes at it with Orton. Barrett slams Orton’s face into the table and lays him on top of it. Barrett goes to the top rope but Orton rolls off the table. Barrett comes down and slams Orton twice into the apron. Barrett brings Orton back into the ring now.

Barrett comes off the second rope with a big elbow drop. Barrett chokes Orton with the top rope now and hits him with knees to the head. Barrett goes to big boot Orton through the table but he falls onto the apron and hangs on. Barrett props a table up in the corner now. Barrett scoops Orton and goes to slam him through the table. Orton slides out and hits clotheslines followed by a scoop slam. Barrett blocks the DDT and sends Orton to the apron.

Orton counters and drops Barrett between the legs on the top rope. Barrett picks Orton up on the apron for Wasteland through the table on the floor. Orton fights out and hits the second rope draping DDT into the ring. Orton goes for the RKO but Barrett pushes him into the table but Orton stops it from breaking. Barrett catches Orton in a bid sidewalk slam. Barrett just slams the table on top of Orton as he lays on the mat.

Barrett sets Orton on top of the table and climbs to the second rope. Barrett comes down to send Orton through the table but Orton hops up and nails the RKO through the table for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

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