WWE & TNA Stars Meet In Orlando, Stephanie McMahon On Returning To TV, Rock

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With WWE and TNA both taping their respective television shows on Tuesday night in Orlando, it’s worth noting that TNA stars AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels wrote on Twitter that they bumped into WWE star Daniel Bryan at the airport. Daniels joked that he, Styles and Bryan wrestled an impromptu 3-way match at the airport.

The Rock has posted a new video on Twitter thanking the Navy SEALs responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden. The video, which includes The Rock declaring the day “Osama Dead Laden Day,” can be viewed at WhoSay.com.

WWE executive Stephanie McMahon was recently interviewed by Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun. Stephanie, who said her WWE office job entains being “responsible for booking and marketing of live events, creative writing programs, and for talent relations and talent brand management,” was asked about whether she’d ever return to WWE television. She responded by saying, “If there is a demand for it, I will be there.”

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