WWE Tough Enough Star Christina Crawford On Her Sister Alicia Fox, Steve Austin

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WWE Tough Enough contestant Christina Crawford, sister of Alicia Fox and former FCW Diva Caylee Turner, recently spoke to CentralFloridaFuture.com about the show. Here are some highlights:

Working with her sister Alicia Fox: “I would love love love to win that title one day. But it would be the best if I could take it from my sister. What started my dream of working with the WWE was when my sister got hired, but I was too young at the time to apply. My dream was to go to school and then I would try out for the WWE. She is on the main roster and I haven’t gotten the chance to work with her yet. But we do hang out together and it’s great moral support.”

Concern over injuries: “I am not worried about injuries because the training environment is always safe. The trainers are helping us learn to build and to protect our body.”

Show host Steve Austin: “He is extremely intimidating, but you are just starstruck when you first meet him and you forget all of that. It’s amazing for a legend like him to share his knowledge with us.”

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