WWE Tough Enough Winner Gets Yelled At Backstage, Cena Wishes Dad A Happy Birthday

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John Cena brought his dad into the ring at the Supershow on June 17th in Lowell, MA to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. Cena Sr.’s birthday was coming up so Cena brought him in the ring, gave him the WWE Title and had the crowd sing Happy Birthday.

After the Tough Enough finale part of RAW a few weeks back, WWE’s John Laurinaitis ripped into Andy Leavine for about five minutes about how Leavine crapped on everything Vince McMahon and Steve Austin have done for the business, and about how he was a piece of crap who will never amount to anything in the business. Laurinaitis was mad because they felt Andy should have stayed down longer after the slap from Vince and the Stunner from Austin.

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