WWE RAW Ratings 2011

9PM Viewers
10PM Viewers
Source: Nielsen Media Research
Last updated: 12/30/11
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1/3/ million*--
1/10/ million4.65 million • RAW went head-to-head with ESPN's BCS Championship game, which drew 27.31 million.
1/17/113.173.394.54 million4.65 million
1/24/113.323.264.94 million4.86 million
1/31/113.483.485.23 million5.33 million
2/7/113.283.334.89 million4.96 million
2/14/ million4.82 million • This number was considered a disappointment as WWE announced who the General Manager of WrestleMania 27 was going to be -- The Rock.
2/21/113.853.855.89 million5.82 million • Ratings increased following the press WWE recieved following The Rock being announced as GM of WrestleMania. • Inching closer toward WrestleMania and the revelation of who was behind the 2-21-11 vignettes -- the Undertaker -- also helped.
2/28/113.803.845.59 million5.61 million
3/7/113.943.905.84 million5.72 million
3/14/113.553.745.43 million5.87 million • This show featured the debut of Jersey Shore star Snooki. • Due to the appearance of Snooki, the ratings skyrocketed to the highest in the 18-49 demos since Jan. 2010 when Bret Hart made his first WWE return in years. • 18-49 demos: 2.1 at 9PM and 2.3 at 10PM.
3/21/113.283.414.97 million5.26 million
3/28/113.564.065.44 million6.23 million • The second hour jumped 12% in the HH due to The Rock's live return in Chicago.
4/4/113.713.935.41 million5.78 million • The post-WrestleMania 27 RAW featuring John Cena & The Rock making their WrestleMania 28 match.
4/11/113.373.525.33 million5.56 million
4/18/ million4.64 million
4/25/113.513.43 5.17 million5.22 million • This was a special Draft episode.
5/2/113.59 3.305.40 million5.03 million • This episode was a special episode featuring The Rock's birthday celebration
5/9/ million5.07 million
5/16/ million4.70 million
5/23/113.443.365.60 million5.23 million
5/30/112.983.164.51 million4.86 million • This was the Memorial Day Holiday in the U.S.
6/6/ million4.84 million
6/13/113.193.334.70 million4.96 million • This was a three-hour edition of RAW with an "All-Star Night" theme. • The first hour (8PM) drew a 2.64 in the HH and 3.83 million viewers overall.
6/20/ million5.15 million • This was a three-hour edition of RAW with a "Power to the People" theme. • The first hour (8PM) drew a 2.75 in the HH and 4.03 million viewers overall.
6/27/ million5.03 million
7/4/112.342.453.66 million3.76 million • RAW dipped due to the Independence Day holiday in the U.S.
7/11/112.862.964.21 million4.55 million
7/18/ million4.98 million
7/25/113.013.404.48 million5.12 million
8/1/113.283.334.67 million4.72 million
8/8/ million4.60 million
8/15/ million4.86 million
8/22/112.933.014.61 million4.66 million
8/29/ million4.51 million
9/5/113.062.944.22 million4.15 million • This was the Labor Day Holiday in the U.S.
9/12/112.722.713.82 million3.89 million • RAW went head-to-head against an NFL Monday Night Football double header, which drew 14.5 million viewers on ESPN.
9/19/113.072.954.42 million4.22 million
9/26/112.982.984.16 million4.13 million
10/3/112.953.144.12 million4.41 million
10/10/113.493.025.37 million4.66 million • RAW took a 14% drop from hour one to hour two, likely to find out the aftermath of the previous week's storyline where the roster walked out on WWE COO Triple H.
10/17/ million4.63 million
10/24/113.533.114.92 million4.50 million
10/31/113.1*--4.60 million4.36 million • Halloween Holiday in the U.S.
11/7/112.942.814.17 million3.85 million • One reason the rating may have been down is that the show was taped earlier in the day.
11/14/11----5.00 million4.90 million • This was a three-hour edition of RAW featuring the return of The Rock.• The first hour (8PM) drew 4.31 million viewers overall.• While the hour-by-hour HH ratings aren't known, the first hour drew a 3.25 while the average last two stand hours drew a 3.37.
11/21/ million4.68 million
11/28/113.333.074.63 million4.33 million
12/5/113.032.914.40 million4.30 million
12/12/113.032.934.49 million4.16 million • This was a three-hour edition of RAW featuring the Slammy Awards.• The first hour (8PM) drew a 2.55 in the HH and 3.67 million viewers overall.
12/19/113.042.814.42 million4.16 million
12/26/112.882.984.33 million4.59 million