WWE SmackDown! 2012 Ratings History

Average HH
Average Viewership
Source: Nielsen Media Research
Last updated: 12/21/12
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1/6/121.822.58 million
1/13/122.213.13 million• Main event featured a World Heavyweight Championship Match featuring The Big Show and Daniel Bryan in a No DQ, No Countout contest
1/20/122.183.32 million• The main event of the show was a World Heavyweight Championship Lumberjack Match featuring Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry
1/27/122.143.14 million
2/3/122.193.19 million
2/10/122.173.26 million
2/17/121.972.95 million
2/21/121.72.32 million• The broadcast aired as a live special on a Tuesday night.
• The particular episode was advertised the night prior on RAW but not as heavily as prior live specials
• In total viewers, it was the lowest rated episode of series since Dec. 31, 2010 (New Year's Eve)
• Compared to a live special on Sept. 21, 2011, total viewership was down 29% and households were down 21%. Compared to another live special on Nov. 29, 2011, ratings were down 24% in viewership and 15% in households
• A 2/24 encore of the live special drew a 1.49 rating with 2.24 million viewers
3/2/122.012.90 million
3/9/122.153.10 million
3/16/121.952.83 million
3/23/121.822.75 million
3/30/121.772.48 million
4/6/121.932.72 million
4/10/121.522.25 million• The broadcast aired as a live special on a Tuesday night.
• A 4/13 encore of the live special drew a 1.55 rating with 2.31 million viewers, actually outdrawing its original airing
4/20/121.832.73 million
4/27/121.742.68 million
5/4/121.942.71 million
5/11/121.722.53 million
5/18/121.812.80 million
5/25/121.872.62 million
6/1/121.732.56 milion
6/8/121.762.48 million
6/15/121.782.41 million
6/22/122.022.97 million
6/29/121.852.63 million
7/3/121.742.53 million• The broadcast aired as a live special on a Tuesday night with a Great American Bash theme
• A 7/6 encore of the live special drew a 1.47 rating with 2.13 million viewers
7/13/121.822.50 million
7/20/122.042.96 million
7/27/121.922.83 million• The broadcast went head-to-head with the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics on NBC, which drew an average 43.67 million viewers in SmackDown's timeslot
8/3/121.912.78 million
8/10/121.892.72 million
8/17/121.922.61 million
8/24/121.842.58 million
8/31/121.892.65 million
9/7/121.962.95 million
9/14/121.952.69 million
9/21/121.962.86 million
9/28/121.832.62 million
10/5/121.742.38 million• The broadcast was the lowest rated original Friday episode in total viewers of the year
10/12/121.882.57 million
10/19/12--2.93 million
10/26/121.932.82 million
11/2/121.962.87 million
11/6/121.522.20 million• The broadcast aired as a special on a Tuesday night as an alternative to Election Day
• The episode aired via tape delay as it was taped a few hours ahead of US time in the United Kingdom
• The broadcast was the lowest rated original episode in total viewers and households of the entire year
• A 11/9 encore of the live special drew a 1.43 rating with 2.16 million viewers
11/16/121.922.80 million
11/23/121.812.57 million
11/30/121.812.53 million
12/7/121.812.54 million
12/14/121.742.63 million