WWE Twitter News: Jericho Endorses ‘Mania, JR On Announcing, Austin

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Last night, Stone Cold Steve Austin tweeted the following on his official Twitter account: “it was a rough day at Tough Enough…lots of stuff going on…trainers are working hard with every one…it has been a lot of fun.”

Speaking of Twitter, on former WWE Superstar’s Chris Jericho’s page, he wrote the following: “Taker-HHH? Miz-Cena-Rock? Edge-Del Rio? HBK in the HOF? That’s what I call MANIA!!! I’ll be watching…”

Jim Ross tweeted the following today: “I have not been informed that I will have any role @ WM27 other than my 3 Axxess appearances.”

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  1. Derek says:

    i hate to say it but jr needs to go to TNA so i can at least see him. oh and Jericho is a tool.

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