WWE Undecided On If The Rock vs John Cena Will Be For The Championship

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While WWE has privately dismissed whether they want the WWE Championship to be held by John Cena heading into his match with the Rock, the idea is once again being considered because of comments made by Cena recently that the match between him and Rock would be bigger if the title was involved. The argument that WWE has made in the past is that Cena vs The Rock is already big enough without the main company title on the line and that the title match could be instead used on two other stars as another main event of the show.

However, they don’t want the WWE Championship match to be considered a second-tier match behind Cena vs The Rock and potentially The Undertaker vs Triple H. It should be noted that a future WWE live event has Kane vs John Cena booked as a WWE Championship match, though that could be a mistake made by the website.