WWE Vengeance 2011 Results: John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio (Last Man Standing)

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Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title: John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo Rodriguez begins the introduction as WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio comes driving into the arena. Del Rio isn’t happy as he heads to the ring and lays eyes on the damage done by Big Show and Mark Henry. John Cena’s music hits next to a big pop and out he comes.

The bell rings and Del Rio shoves Ricardo into Cena. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment on Ricardo but Del Rio attacks him. Del Rio beats Cena down and suplexes him. Del Rio with a big boot to the head and a kick to the back. The referee counts every time Cena is down. Del Rio kicks Cena and he rolls out of the ring as the ropes are down. Del Rio continues the assault on the floor and throws Cena into the ring post. Del Rio brings it back in the ring. Cena blocks him with a back drop. Cena slams Del Rio and drops a series of elbow drops.

Cena fires away with right hands but Del Rio kicks him to the mat. Del Rio with a trio of back suplexes but Cena makes it up before the 10 count. Cena gets up and hits Del Rio with a clothesline but both go down. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Del Rio blocks it and drops Cena’s back over his knees. Del Rio goes back to work on Cena and hits a suplex, and another. Del Rio goes for a third but Cena blocks it and hits one of his own. Cena hits Del Rio with shoulder blocks and then the back suplex. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but there are no ropes. He drops it anyway and goes for the AA. Del Rio blocks it and hits a German suplex.

Cena comes back with a gutwrench suplex. Del Rio ducks a clothesline and catches Cena in a back breaker. Cena makes it up before the 10 count thanks to Del Rio continuing the attack. Del Rio puts Cena under the ring post that is knocked down, runs and stomps onto it. Cena makes it up at the 8 count. Del Rio charges but Cena hits him with an AA and both of them go down. Cena is up first. Del Rio gets up at 8. Cena goes for another AA but Ricardo runs in and stops it. Cena knocks him out of the ring. Cena turns around to a shot from Del Rio. Del Rio goes for a sleeper and finally locks it in, wrapping his legs around Cena.

Del Rio keeps the sleeper locked until Cena goes out. Del Rio breaks the hold and the referee begins the 10 count. Cena gets up. Cena throws Del Rio out of the ring, since there’s no ropes, and into the fan barrier. Cena follows to the floor and continues the attack on Del Rio. Del Rio blocks the whip and throws Cena into the ring steps. Ricardo tries to get involved but Cena drops him over the downed ring post, hitting him hard between the legs. They come back in the ring and Del Rio takes back control over Cena. Del Rio charges and Cena trips him, sending him into the downed ring post that Ricardo is laid up on. Cena takes apart the ring steps now and throws them but Del Rio moves. Del Rio drops Cena on the floor and wails away. Del Rio slams Cena into the steps and grabs the other half.

Del Rio charges and rams the steps into Cena’s head. Cena makes it up before the 10 count once again. They trade shots and fight toward the entrance way and into the backstage area. Cameras follow them and Cena throws Del Rio into a table. Cena grabs a very tall production cart and tips it over but Del Rio moves. Del Rio attacks and throws Cena on top of the tipped over cart. Del Rio slams Cena on top of it and the referee begins his count.

Cena rolls to the floor off the cart. Del Rio tips over the structures that are in the background of the backstage interview sets. Del Rio tips over all four of the tall steel structures on Cena. For some reason the referee isn’t counting while Cena is down. After the fourth structure falls on top of Cena, the referee begins counting. Cena starts to move and makes his way from under the pile of steel and to his feet. Del Rio takes the fight up a hallway and back into the arena as the crowd pops.

Cena and Del Rio trade shots on the concrete by the entrance way. Ricardo runs over again and jumps on Cena’s back. Del Rio whips Cena and he crashes through one of the “V” pieces of the Vengeance set. Del Rio sets a table up and lays Cena on top of it. Del Rio climbs up high on to the set but Cena grabs him. Cena pulls Del Rio down, causing him to crash down through the table. The referee starts counting but Del Rio makes it up. Cena fights Del Rio over towards the crowd and production area. They go through the fans and back to the ringside area. Del Rio blocks Cena and throws him over the announcers table.

Cena blocks Del Rio and throws him hard into the fan barrier. Cena takes out Ricardo again. Del Rio shoves Cena into the steel post. Del Rio goes for the kick to the head but Cena moves and he kicks the ring post. Cena puts the steps back together and drags them over to the Spanish announcers table. Cena walks up the steps with Del Rio on his shoulders for the AA. Cena hits the AA on Del Rio from the steps, sending him crashing through the announcers table. The Miz and R-Truth run down and beat Cena down in the middle of the ring. Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale and Truth hits his finisher. The referee was watching it all so he hasn’t started counting Del Rio yet. Del Rio gets up as the ref starts counting and Cena is down in the ring. Cena actually gets up before the count and the match is still on.

Del Rio rushes in the ring and hits Cena with the title belt. Cena and Del Rio are both down now as the referee starts counting. Del Rio gets up by clutching the fan barrier while Cena can’t make it up before the 10 count.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Del Rio has his hand raised and raises the WWE Title belt while Cena tries to recover in the ring. Vengeance goes off the air with Cena looking dazed in the ring and Del Rio clutching the WWE Title belt.

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  1. Ishmael Gansan2009 says:

    wats up with  Cena anyway,he has these silly annoying ways of losing the belt almost every time he is in a duel.I wonder if he could fight the Rock because as it stands he is bound to lose.It is definite becoz even amateurs of the calibre of Del Rio ,R Truth can still pick a win on him.Be serious CEna because I now doubt you as a real champ;It is better if wwe had said that UNDERTAKER would face the Rock or the Rock vs Tripple H NOT CENA.CENA IS JUST WEAK.HE CANNOT ENDURE just like superstars of yesteryears like Bret,SHAWN,AUSTIN,PIPER.I am a John Cena fan but I have begun to doubt him.Perhaps Punk was right as he is being idolized for what he is not.GANSAN

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