WWE Wants More Rock Appearances, New Superstars, SmackDown vs RAW

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THQ announced during their conference call last week that the most recent RAW vs. SmackDown and the new WWE All Stars game had a combined total of 4 million units shipped, not sold, to stores. In comparison, the most recent UFC Undisputed game had 3 million units shipped. THQ posted a $44.1 million loss in the fourth quarter of their fiscal year and a total loss of $136.1 million for the whole fiscal year.

WWE had 14.2 million unique visitors go to their website in the month of March, up from 13.9 million in February.

As noted before, WWE is working with a scout in the UK that is there to look for big, muscular guys who are interested in wrestling. That scout is Drew McDonald, who competed as Ben Doon McDonald during the 1980’s in Stampede Wrestling.

WWE is looking for The Rock to make more appearances with them this year, including at the SummerSlam pay-per-view, because of the difference he made in WrestleMania 27 business.

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