WWE WrestleMania 27 Results: The Rock, Stone Cold Face Off

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We go backstage with The Rock and Eve Torres talking. Rock says the next person who comes around the corner he’s going to have a special, magical moment with. Eve smiles as Mae Young appears behind The Rock. Rock hugs her and is nervous now. Mae says she wants The People’s streusel. Rock says she should be going after other people, like Noah’s. Rock makes more old jokes against Mae. She tells him she will never get old and not to make old jokes about her.

Rock asks Eve to escort Mae to her seat so she can enjoy the show. Mae slaps Rock on the ass as she walks off with Eve. Rock turns around and Steve Austin is standing there. They say it’s good to see each other but are a bit standoffish with each other. They both say they’re ready to kick some ass tonight. Rock says he’s ready to bring it and Austin should remember that. They shake hands and Austin walks off.

We get a video package with highlights from the CM Punk and Randy Orton feud.

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