WWE’s David Otunga Talks About Working As A Heel, Being Married To Hudson, More

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WWE Superstar David Otunga was recently interviewed by The Chicago Tribune. Here are some highlights:

His WWE character and fiancee Jennifer Hudson: I created this character of all the stereotypes of being a reality star, and my fiancee being more famous than I am. They assume this guy is living off her. If that’s what people don’t like, that’s who I’m going to be. That’s totally not me. It’s the one thing that bothers me in real life. It drives me crazy.”

Being perceived as a bad guy: “Perception does become reality, and it’s too hard to explain the story to every person. It’s got to the point now where it bothers me so much, I’m trying to desperately get away from that. I try to avoid red carpets now.”

WWE’s John Laurinaitis’ comments on Otunga: “What immediately jumped out at me was David’s charisma. He dressed well, he spoke well, he had that ‘it’ factor. He was a student of the game.”

2 Responses to “WWE’s David Otunga Talks About Working As A Heel, Being Married To Hudson, More”

  1. Shemara123 says:

    David, forget the people. Be the man that you have always been to and with Jennifer. People love to make negative comments and as long as you know the deal and your lady knows it then stay true to who you are. It doesn’t matter who makes more or less. It is about the love and communication that two people share. Good luck with your future and your beautiful family. Be Blessed

  2. norma says:

    This is what I will say to David. To be a very smart man. It seem as though you are playing right into the media hands(WEAK). Don’t stop supporting your better half, because of what some haters think. Jennifer needs and deserves a man the who are very assure and sucur of himself. The media and even your co-workers in wrestling game are jealous of you landing a super star of Jennifer Hudson kind. These kind of things can drive one away. Yes, everybody knows there places. However, you will never be as famous as Jhud.

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