WWE’s Kharma Denies Claim That FCW Star Is Her Child’s Baby

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Earlier this week, we posted a report that stated the Florida Championship Wrestling star Byron Wilcott claimed that he was the father of Kharma’s child. The WWE star then issued a statement today denying the claims. “Mr. Byron Wilcott is not the father of Ms. Stevens’s baby,” the statement reads. “The post on Mr. Wilcott’s Facebook page is completely false and we do not know why he would publish such a fantastical falsehood. We have contacted Mr. Wilcott through his Facebook page and have requested him to publish a retraction.”

Kharma, real name Kia Stevens, and her attorney say that the claims by the wrestler are “completely false”. FCW, of course, is the developmental league for World Wrestling Entertainment. Kong is expected to return to the company shortly after she gives birth. Many speculate that she’ll be back in time for WrestleMania 28 from Miami.

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