WWE’s Plans For The RAW Announce Team, Johnny Curtis Debut Update

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For those of you wondering what WWE is planning with the RAW announce team, the current plan is for Michael Cole to join Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler to re-form a three-man team, according to F4WOnline.com. As seen on RAW in recent months, WWE has been experimenting with different names including Josh Matthews and Booker T. Vince McMahon decided to bite the bullet and bring in the name that he loves to hate, Jim Ross, on Monday as he is a fan of three-man announce teams. The sagging ratings on RAW also inspired him to bring Ross back to the show, too.

During Tuesday’s SmackDown! taping, they did an angle where they said that Johnny Curtis would be debuting with the company this upcoming week (the August 5th show), but it was pulled from the broadcast on Friday, which likely means he won’t be debuting this week. No word yet on when he will be officially making his debut.

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