Zack Ryder Breaks New Record, Stock Site: Stay Away From WWE Stocks

  • Share, a stock research website, has informed investors to stay away from WWE stock because the product is dated. They wrote: “In its third quarter of 2011, WWE’s sales and profits from continuing operations were essentially flat when compared with the year ago quarter. But the reported earnings were actually down about 25%, due to a one-time $5 million charge in WWE’s film division. WWE’s product is dated when compared to the various mixed martial arts formats available to the public. Overall weakness in the economy has not been helping matters, either. Jim Cramer recently described WWE as a ‘wasting asset.’ I agree with that, and with Cramer’s opinion that there is no reason to own WWE. Avoid it.”

Even more proof that Zack Ryder was over big time at the Survivor Series pay-per-view last night, Ryder tweeted the following today: “Thank you MSG Broskis…broke record for most Broski shirts sold in one night!”